Fuse is a company made from leading scientific minds and consumer product industry experts with a common goal to redefine the standard of product performance through science and expand the use of these products to new consumers.

We leverage our global leading science to completely change the rules of the game in key multi-billion dollar categories. We establish a new standard of performance in each category we enter with products that deliver against unmet consumer needs and exceed expectations…

Being Powered by Fuse!™ means that you are powered by unique and innovative technology designed to accelerate the absorption of nutrients and even medicines, faster than traditional pills, liquids and gels. This superior delivery technology is the next generation of sublingual and transdermal absorption into the body designed to improve nutrition, pain management and address a broad range of medical conditions.

Fuse Science has discovered through a combination of pending patents and trade secrets that we can now encapsulate nutrients, actives and other molecules at a far greater concentration than any time in history.

Fuse Science continues to develop new technology to take product capabilities to higher levels.  A combination of patent pending technology and trade secrets has resulted in achievement of superior transdermal and oral delivery of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. This unique delivery system has been able to increase absorption of encapsulated nutrients across the dermal layers and oral mucosa providing for maximal transdermal delivery of nutrients and pharmaceutical actives.

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